In Memoriam to Diana Barrar

Building a Bridge to the Sub-Conscious Mind

Since 1971, with immense success and response, Diana Barrar, The Barrar Hypnosis Centers, Inc. Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist,
has helped celebrities, athletes, executives, students, families and people of all ages stop smoking, lose weight, control anger,
alcohol and drug addiction, overcome fears/phobias, guilt, reduce stress/anxiety, improve sports activities, memory,
public speaking and study skills. These are just a few topics that our professionals proudly helped you accomplish.

Tributes to Diana

From: Michael C Riley
Diana changed my life forever, almost 30 years ago, as I am sure she has done to so many others
that have been so lucky to have been graced by her kindness, patience, loving demeanor
that was so natural in her, which is almost impossible to find in life.
I met Diana when she contacted me about helping her business become more visible to all
those who yearned to make their lives better, through her amazing art of hypnosis, through
a new and incredible media world, called the internet.
I worked with Diana to present her presence on the web, as it was called, and through the years
we became family, as she called me, and I very much endeared and adored her as being family to me, as well.
Diana was always on my mind, every day, for the last 30 years, not only regarding her personal well
being, and her family's well being, but also it was my daily job to make sure her web presence was
optimum, so everyone that searched for help with their needs, could find Diana and get the best
there is, to be there for them, as she was for so many over the years, to make their lives so much better!
Diana was ingrained in my soul, and will be forever, knowing my life was so much better for having
had her as such a tremendous force in my life, full of unconditional love for all others and zest for life!
Thank you for always being that wonderful human being that came so natural!
You will be sorely missed here on earth, Diana!
I love you and will miss you so much every single day!
Until we meet again...Michael C Riley

If you would like to leave a tribute for Diana, please contact me and write your tribute in an email and I will post all appropriate
tributes to Diana, so you can share your thoughts of how Diana had an impact on your life, as well.

I am considering hosting a Zoom meeting, in the coming weeks to share the love of Diana,
and how she will be sorely missed, to give a much deserved tribute to her,
from all that would be interested in doing so.

It was vaguely suggested that there might be a get together for close friends/clients of Diana, in Illinois,
but that might be a little rich for most people not being able to afford to fly and paying for roundtrip airfare,
so I thought a better idea could be to make it open to all, and not have money be a restrictive factor for those
of us that live day to day, as most do. Please share your thoughts about a Zoom metting, as well, in your email to me.

Thank you, Michael C Riley

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Michael Riley

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