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Diana Barrar, the certified Master Hypnotherapist,
would like to introduce her services to you...

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Since 1970 Diana Barrar certified hypnotherapist has traveled the country conducting lectures, workshops and seminars for organizations, corporations, schools, companies and private groups.

Diana lectures on the benefits of hypnosis for self-improvement and goal achievement utilizing her past experience with her successful hypnotherapy techniques and methods. She also educates her audience about the difference between clinical hypnosis, stage hypnosis and group hypnosis while answering any questions that the audience may have. All of Diana's appearances are very motivational, educational and an inspiration to all who attend.

Workshops consist of an educational lecture combined with an entire audience hypnosis induction for self-improvement and goal achievement.

Diana Barrar has been a full-time hypnotherapist since 1970. her background includes teaching, practicing and researching the entire spectrum of the hypnosis field. Diana is certified through several groups and organizations and has been for many years. She is one of the original developers of the hybrid electronic method of hypnosis. Her well written articles have been in many well know publications.

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