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Newspaper articles

The newspaper articles Below Are Real!

Daily Herald
by Jackie Dulen

"Therapist Heals with Hypnosis"

"Barrar isn't a bore, she's a Hypnotherapist using the latest in technology"

US News & World Report
by Jay Tolson

"The kind of Mental Conditioning that makes athletes into Superstars, also helps ordinary folks become Extroadinary."

The Northwest Herald
by Kathleen Yaekel

":If you want to stop smoking, lose weight, stop biting your finger nails, ease asthmatic symptoms or just relax, consider Hypnosis."

Chicago Tribune
by Bruce Dold

"Through Barrar Hypnosis, it's not Magic to Hypnotists that her audience goes to the sea and walk along the sand."
How well did the audience do?
"It's difficult to tell....the Reporter had gone to the beach."

Chicago Sun Times
by Max Gates

"Afflicted with warts? Try Hypnosis"

Suburban Life Graphic
by Lisa Daigle

"Workers try Hypnosis to kick smoking habit"

Cox News Service
by Lynn Bulmahn

"Looking into my eyes, Relax:
Hypnosis isn't the devil's work"

Sentinel-Herald News Service
by Mike Pennok

"Hypnotism is a Funny Situation"

Pioneer Press
by Jerry Wallis

"Put some Pros on the job to cure those dud parties"


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