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Video Conference Hypnosis Session

Diana Barrar
Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Video Conference Session
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(847) 476-9684(24 hrs)

Hypnotherapy has catapulted into the High-Technology era along with other forms of mind-body healing and self-improvement.

Since 1971 certified hypnotherapist Diana Barrar has successfully been helping people of all ages improve virtually every aspect of their lives.

Whether in a large group, small group or on an individual basis, Diana combines the traditional methods of hypnosis with the most modern electronic tools available to help people reach their desired results.

Her individual hypnosis sessions provide sound-proof rooms, controlled climate, electronic sound systems, audio hypnosis, visual hypnosis, private consultation and an individually designed program to target the persons specific needs. Together these combined issues make Diana Barrars one to one individualized hypnosis sessions very successful for people of all ages.

Individual hypnosis sessions are held at her Schaumburg and Rockford, Illinois locations by appointment only.

Price List available.

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Would you like to know about a modern multi-service program
that can introduce you to the many benefits of Hypnosis?

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