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October 26, 2002

Dear Diana:

I have to thank you for changing my life I am a 27 year old and gave had a fear of spiders since I was a small child. I have to admit I was scared to come to my session because I was actually scared to not be scared anymore. Sounds silly but to anyone with a real fear it is not.

I walked out of your office feeling more alive and free than I can ever remember. I was almost exhausted as a huge amount of weight was lifted off of me. I came home where my Mom waited. I told her I just felt like I was not afraid anymore. I wanted to test myself so I made her get a spider from the corner of my sun room. I never would have come five feet to one before. She dropped it on the floor by accident. I said it was OK and I reached down and let it get on my hand! Then took it outside! My mother cried and so did I! It was finally over! Something I NEVER thought I could get over is now a thing of my past!

You never realize how much something like fear can change how you live everyday. Now I can go in my basement and reach into corners for things If I drop them. I can drive my truck without constantly looking for them as I have almost crashed 3 times due to spiders! I pity anyone as afraid of anything as I was and can only hope they can find the courage to try hypnosis. If they are anything like me they will THANK GOD for people like you when they leave!

Thank you so much for giving me life back WITHOUT fear!


Billie M.

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