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Diana Barrar, the certified Master Hypnotherapist,
would like to introduce her services to you...


Intro: Diana Barrar the Certified Master Hypnotherapist now offers her proven successful Hypnosis techniques and methods to you during this online live one to one interactive Hypnosis Session. This session can enable you to accomplish your goals from the privacy of your own home or anywhere that you have excess to a computer and the freedom of time. Schedule your appointment with Diana now by clicking on the link located on this page. You will receive a live private confidential consultation with her and a personalized one to one Hypnosis session completely designed and tailored for your individual needs to help you accomplish your goal.

Fee: 300.00 per session

Length: 1 Hour and 10 Min.

Schedule Appointment & Pay Now:

Directions: Once your payment has been received and confirmed you will receive an email from us which will include a receipt of your transaction and Diana's appointment schedule. From this schedule you will need to choose the best day a time for your Hypnosis session with her. After you have selected a good time and date that is best for you, email your choice back to us. You will then receive an email confirming your appointment time and date of your Hypnosis session with Diana along with your own personal password created just for you and further instructions. Remember, your Hypnosis Session is completely confidential and personalized just for you so let your journey toward success begin now, it's only a click away.

-Computer Requirements: Audio-Speakers or Headphones (preferable) / Microphone / Web Cam / Yahoo address already activated

Purpose: Education & Enlightenment Within The Subject Of Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy.

Content: Informational Education Combined With Audience Participation

Directed By Diana Barrar C.Ht., R.B.T.